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Shelby Hunter Co.

'Miss' 24x24 Oil on Acrylic Painting

'Miss' 24x24 Oil on Acrylic Painting

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"Miss" is a portrait that challenged my usual creative focus. She came into the world headpiece first and is an exciting departure from my typical style.

"Miss" radiates an air of regal grace and timeless charm. The headpiece commands the viewer's gaze with its swirling presence,  as if alive. It adorns her with a dynamic life-force. One can envision her gracefully moving through the room, spinning as if in a dance, effortlessly drawing all eyes upon her.

Painted in 2021, "Miss" is a harmonious blend of acrylic and oil paints. Since its creation, "Miss" has found a cherished place in the hearts of those who appreciate her unique allure and sharp eye.

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