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Shelby Hunter Co.

'Masking' 48x30in Acrylic Painting

'Masking' 48x30in Acrylic Painting

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Introducing "Masking," an exploration of the intricate layers that exist within each of us. This work delves into the enigmatic nature of human emotions, capturing the juxtaposition between composed exteriors and the unbridled chaos within.

As you look upon the woman's face, you're invited to ponder the question: What lies behind the mask we wear? 

"Masking" embodies a powerful duality—a reflection of both pride and frustration. It celebrates the beauty of inner dialogues and the pride that comes from embracing our complex selves. Yet, it also captures the frustration when our inner worlds collide with the constraints of the outside realm, unable to express the depths of our experiences fully.

This painting serves as a poignant reminder that many of us navigate life by putting on masks, concealing both our strengths and vulnerabilities. It resonates deeply with those who understand the intricacies of living with neurodivergence, such as ADHD, where the constant dance between creativity and chaos shapes our daily existence.

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