About Me

ShelbyHunter Co. is the umbrella entity which all the work of Shelby Hunter G. (me) falls under. I'm a self-taught painter on a journey to explore the depths of creativity and self-expression. Inspired by the universal human experience, I intuitively follow my inner self through each work.

My works embody a bold blend of vivid colors, captivating forms, and emotive narratives. I strive to evoke a sense of wonder, spark meaningful conversations, and invite viewers to explore their unique interpretations.

While my art often dances between the realms of reality and pure imagination, there is a always a story told by the piece. I have my version, and I invite you to find your own stories in my work. I’m a firm believer that anything the viewer sees in a painting, that which resonates in them, is a ‘correct’ interpretation. 

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. Whether you’re a fellow art enthusiast, a collector seeking a meaningful piece, or simply curious about the boundless possibilities of creativity; I invite you to explore my gallery and discover the world I've lovingly created.